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Wire Rod SAE China origin 5.5mm~16mm as sell offer We have Sell offer as in below: Commodity: Steel wire rod Grade: SAE1006B,SAE1008B,SAE1010B,SAE1012B,SA... Read more
Sell offer for square steel billet 5sp and 3sp from China Sell offer for square steel billet 5sp and 3sp from China; Available sizes are 100*100~150*150, Length 60... Read more
sell steel billet 5sp 125*125*12000mm We have an offer for selling of steel billet as follows: Commodity: steel billet 5sp Size: 125mm*125*12... Read more
Sell DRI of Iran We sell DRI of Iran as analaysed in below: Metallization D... Read more
scrap HMS and scrap ship 1000~5000mt/month Object : SELL SCRAP SHIP CUT  Dear Sir We are present this soft offer for : SELL SCRAP SCRAP SHIP ... Read more
Sell square steel billets st5sp and st3sp 100~250mm We are supplier of steel billets st5sp and st3sp in Russia: Sizes: 100*100~250*250 Length: 4~12 (±... Read more
Sell offer for steel billet 5sp 125*125*6000, Russia origin We offer steel billet 5sp 125*125*6000, Russia origin, FOB Astrakhan, Ready for loading, Payment 30... Read more
Sell offer for Wire Rod SAE1006B and SAE1008B, 5.5mm and 6.5mm We are the seller of "wire rod" Grade:SAE1006B & SAE1008B Origin:China Sizes: 5.5mm and... Read more
Sell offer for DRI from Iran Below please find the two different specification of DRI from two different plant that we are able to suppl... Read more
Sell offer of reinforcement rebars [debar] for Iraq market We have sell offer of reinforcement rebars [debar] for Iraq market. sizes 12,14,16,18 mm * 12meter Stan... Read more
Sell continuously cast prime steel billet 5sp [120mm*120mm and 150mm*150mm]*12000 CFR Anzali We are able to supply continuously cast prime square steel billets as specified in below: 1- Steel grade&... Read more
Sell square steel billet 3sp, 5sp, 100*100,130*130 *6000mm We sell square steel billet as specified in below: Grade: 3sp, 5sp Sizes: 100*100*6000mm and 130*130*60... Read more
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تیر آهن، میلگرد آجدار و ساده ، ناودانی، نبشی، شمش فولادی، لوله های فولادی مانیسمان و جوشی، ورق گرم و سرد، ضایعات، لوله مسی ، لوله برنجی، لوله آلومینیومی برنجی، صفحات مسی و برنجی، میلگرد مسی و برنجی،...فروش محصولات خود را به ما بسپاريد

Best Offers For:

Steel Billet ,Steel Billet 5SP and 3SP, Steel Slab

I-beam, Channel, Equal Angle, Reinforcement rebar (Debar), Round bar, Wire rod SAE

Hot Rolled Coil (HRC), Cold Rolled Coil (CRC), HR Plate, Special Steel M2, Stainless Steel, Welded and Seamless Steel Tube, Scrap, HMS, Used Rail,

Copper tube, Brass tube, copper rod, Copper Cathode, ,Brass rod, Brass Slab, Zinc Ingot, strip, Aluminum-Brass Tube...

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أفضل العروض:

حديد بيليت 5sp و 3sp  ، جسوره مقطع I ، مجاري ، زوايا متساوية الاضلاع ، حديد بناء محلزن ، اسلاك وقضبان SAE ، حديد مسوب على الحامي لفائف ، حديد لفائف مسحوب على الحامي ، صفائح سميكة مسحوبة على الحامي ،  حديد خاص M2 ، ستانلس ستيل ، بواري ملحومة او seamless  ، حديد سكراب ، نحاس ، انابييب نحاس اصفر ، اسلاك نحاس ، بارات نحاس